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2019 TX Subgauge Challenge
TX 2020-07-06 USAYESS National Championships 2020 USAYESS Junior Clay Target Virtual Grand Prix
IA 2020-07-05 Highland Hideaway Hunting Small Bore Shoot
NE 2020-07-04 Otoe County Wildlife Club Firecracker 150
IA 2020-07-04 Crockett Ridge Clays Big Bang
LA 2020-07-03 3D Shooting Center July Tournament
TX 2020-07-02 Frio County 4-H Claybusters 2020 South TX Scholarship Shoot Out (Double Whiz-Bang and Scholarships)
TX 2020-06-30 Blackwood Gun Club 2020 Super Sporting Summer League
Texas 2020-06-28 American Shooting Centers CANCELED - 2020 BIG BIRD
TX 2020-06-28 Elm Fork Fathers Classic
TX 2020-06-28 Greater Houston Sports Club 2020 GHSC Member Club Championship
MI 2020-06-27 Four Square Sportsmans Association Orange Dome Crush Cash Cup *NOT A REGISTERED EVENT*
IA 2020-06-27 Crockett Ridge Clays Summer Dual
IN 2020-06-27 Sugar Creek Sporting Clays Race to State
TX 2020-06-27 Blackwood Gun Club Shoot Clays Save Lives 2020
2020-06-27 OSP Shooting School OSP Clinic for Novice Shooters Houston TX
TX 2020-06-27 Brazoria County On Target 4-H 2020 Whizbang - Jr/Int Sat. Jun 27 - S1/S2 Sun. Jun 28
TX 2020-06-27 Lonesome Coyote Ranch 9th Annual Wildlife in Focus
TX 2020-06-27 Texas Premier Sporting Arms 2020 TACCA
LA 2020-06-26 3D Shooting Center June Shoot #3
NE 2020-06-26 Heartland Public Shooting Park 2020 HPSP Youth Shotgun League Week 3
TX 2020-06-26 Hidalgo County 4H Shooting Sports (Approved) 2020 Hidalgo County Whizbang
MO 2020-06-25 Polecat Creek Shotgun Park 2020 MO STATE 5-Stand
MS 2020-06-24 Turcotte Shooting Range 2020 MSSP State Tournament
NE 2020-06-21 Pheasant Bonanza Hunt Club and Kennel Fathers Day Shoot
TX 2020-06-21 Texas Premier Sporting Arms Summer Shenanigans
IA 2020-06-21 New Pioneer Clay Target Center 2020 - June Sporting Clays
OR 2020-06-20 Rogue Valley Sporting Clays 2020 Ricardo Sforza Memorial Shoot
TX 2020-06-20 Greater Houston Sports Club 2020 Buckle Race Leg#3 28ga/12ga
TX 2020-06-19 HOUSTON COUNTY 4-H Cherokee County/HC Wizbang Double Wizbang Qualifer
NE 2020-06-19 Heartland Public Shooting Park 2020 HPSP Youth Shotgun League Week 2
IN 2020-06-19 Indian Creek Shooting Center June Fun Shoot
TX 2020-06-19 Westside Sporting Grounds 2020 Fab Services
TX 2020-06-18 Greater Houston Sports Club GHSC Members Only Ladies League
TX 2020-06-17 Westside Sporting Grounds 2020 Super Sporting Summer League
TX 2020-06-16 Steve Liberta Lessons Carlisle, Fennell and Liberta Clinic
TX 2020-06-14 Hill Country Shooting Sports Center, Inc. 2020 JUNE TEENTH
IA 2020-06-14 MAHASKA COUNTY IKES June Sporting
LA 2020-06-13 3D Shooting Center June Shoot #2
KS 2020-06-13 Lynbrooke Sporting Clays Lynbrooke June 2020 Registered Tournament
OR 2020-06-13 Siuslaw Sporting Clays 2020 Early Father
TN 2020-06-13 Crossville Shooting Sports Park June 2020 registered
OH 2020-06-13 Cherrybend Pheasant Farm Summer Shoot Out
MO 2020-06-13 Polecat Creek Shotgun Park Warm Up Shoot
IN 2020-06-13 HCIWLA Sporting Clays June Registered targets
TX 2020-06-13 1 in 100 Gun Club Smoking Barrels
TX 2020-06-13 Westside Sporting Grounds 2020 NSCA Summer Shootout
TX 2020-06-12 Texas Premier Sporting Arms 2020 SPD
NE 2020-06-12 Heartland Public Shooting Park 2020 HPSP Youth Shotgun League Week1
GA 2020-06-12 Shooting Grounds at Barnsley Resort Jumpy June Shoot
TX 2020-06-12 Bandera County 4-H Shotgun Club **CANCELLED**2020 Bandera Cowboy Blast
2020-06-12 OSP Shooting School OSP Clinic at Minnesota Horse and Hunt Club, Prior Lake MN
MI 2020-06-07 Bald Mountain Shooting Range NSCA 75 FITASC and 50 5-Stand at Bald Mountain
NJ 2020-06-07 Cedar Creek Sporting Clays canceled
LA 2020-06-06 3D Shooting Center June Shoot #1
TX 2020-06-06 Texas Premier Sporting Arms Money Madness Shoot
NE 2020-06-06 Otoe County Wildlife Club Extreme Targets Shoot
KS 2020-06-06 Flint Oak Flint Oak Cup
IN 2020-06-06 Kosko Shotgun Sports June Shoot for Punches
MI 2020-06-06 Grand Blanc Huntsmans Club NSCA Class Shoot
IA 2020-06-06 Black Oaks Clays LLC Summer Open
TN 2020-06-06 Memphis Sport Shooting Assoc JUNE 2020
IN 2020-06-05 Terre Haute Sporting Clays Race to the State
NE 2020-06-05 Oak Creek Sporting Club 2020 Whole Hog Open
GA 2020-06-05 Floyd County Wildlife Association Warm-up for State
NE 2020-06-05 USAYESS North Central Junior Regional Championship 2020 USAYESS North Central Regional Junior Clay Target Championship
TX 2020-06-02 Blackwood Gun Club 2020 Spring 5-Stand
Texas 2020-05-31 American Shooting Centers Welcome to American Field Sporting
TX 2020-05-31 Hill Country Shooting Sports Center, Inc. 2020 May Day
IA 2020-05-31 New Pioneer Clay Target Center 2020 - May Sporting Clays
IA 2020-05-30 Anita Sporting Clay Course Last Minute shoot
IN 2020-05-30 Sugar Creek Sporting Clays May Fun Shoot
MI 2020-05-30 Four Square Sportsmans Association Four Square Spring Classic
2020-05-30 OSP Shooting School OSP Clinic for Experienced Shooters Houston TX
TX 2020-05-30 TexasYESS 2020 Texas USAYESS State Clay Tournament
TX 2020-05-29 Westside Sporting Grounds 2020 IADC
TX 2020-05-29 Ables Sporting Range 2nd Annual Bornaghi Gold Classic