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2019 TX Subgauge Challenge
IA 2020-09-25 Highland Hideaway Hunting Boy Scouts Sporting 100 -- 2020
2020-09-25 USA Shooting USAS UN-NATIONALS TRAP
TX 2020-09-25 Texas Premier Sporting Arms Operation Game Thief (OGT)
TX 2020-09-25 Navarro County 4H Shotgun Club 4th Annual Navarro County Double Whizbang **SALE QUALIFER
Texas 2020-09-25 Moyesway Shooting Sports Doves Are Jerks
IA 2020-09-24 Black Oaks Clays LLC ABC shoot
2020-09-24 USA Shooting USAS PTO TRAP
TX 2020-09-23 Defender Outdoors Clay Sports Ranch Broken Clay
IA 2020-09-20 MAHASKA COUNTY IKES September Super Sporting
TX 2020-09-20 Texas Premier Sporting Arms TPSA September Money Shoot
TX 2020-09-20 1 in 100 Gun Club Beaumont Blast
LA 2020-09-19 3D Shooting Center September Tournament
MO 2020-09-19 Polecat Creek Shotgun Park Sept registered Shoot
OR 2020-09-19 Siuslaw Sporting Clays 2nd Marshall Gunderson Shoot
TX 2020-09-19 Needville FFA 2020 Bluejay Shootout
MI 2020-09-19 MultiLakes Conservation Assn Multi-Lakes Registerd Clay Shoot
NE 2020-09-19 Oak Creek Sporting Club Small Bore Challenge
TX 2020-09-19 Westside Sporting Grounds 2020 Holy Name Passionist Retreat Center
AL 2020-09-19 USAYESS Southern 2020 USAYESS Southern Regional Open Junior Clay Target Championship
TX 2020-09-19 Greater Houston Sports Club 2020 Buckle Race Leg#4 410/12ga
IA 2020-09-18 Black Oaks Clays LLC AGC Shoot
GA 2020-09-18 Shooting Grounds at Barnsley Resort Autumn Days, Smoking Clays
IA 2020-09-18 Highland Hideaway Hunting American Heart Shoot 100 *2020*
IN 2020-09-18 Indian Creek Shooting Center Sept. Fun Shoot
2020-09-18 OSP Shooting School OSP Clinic at Sporting Clays at Cosner Reserve Pelham NC
2020-09-17 USA Shooting USAS PTO SKEET
MO 2020-09-13 Little Fox River Sporting Clays LLC Autumn 200 bird Event
IA 2020-09-13 New Pioneer Clay Target Center 2020 - September Sporting Clays
TX 2020-09-13 Elm Fork Colettes Birthday Bash
TX 2020-09-13 Blackwood Gun Club 2020 Fall Classic
IN 2020-09-12 HCIWLA Sporting Clays September Registered Targets
OH 2020-09-12 Cherrybend Pheasant Farm Falling Targets
IA 2020-09-12 Black Oaks Clays LLC Fundraiser shoot
TX 2020-09-12 Lonesome Coyote Ranch ABC-TCB Clay Shoot
TX 2020-09-12 TexasYESS TexasYESS Challenge 150
IN 2020-09-12 Sugar Creek Sporting Clays Registered Fun Shoot
NE 2020-09-12 Lincoln Trap and Skeet Bird Tune-Up
2020-09-12 OSP Shooting School OSP Clinic for Novice Shooters Houston TX
TX 2020-09-12 Manvel FFA Manvel FFA 2020 Sporting Clays Shoot **FFA QUALIFIER**
TX 2020-09-11 Ables Sporting Range MCFB SHOOTOUT HUNGER
Texas 2020-09-11 National Shooting Complex TX Youth Clays Challenge hosted by TSRA Foundation
TX 2020-09-11 Westside Sporting Grounds 2020 NACE Intl
TX 2020-09-10 Chisholm Trail 100 Club at Beaumont Ranch 100 SHOTS FOR THE CLUB
TX 2020-09-09 Westside Sporting Grounds 2020 Midstream Networking Fall
TX 2020-09-08 Brad Kidd Jr Lessons Brad kidd Lessons Able Ammo Sept 8-11
TX 2020-09-08 Brad Kidd Jr Lessons Able Ammo Lessons Sept 8-11
KS 2020-09-06 Lynbrooke Sporting Clays 2020 Lynbrooke Labor Day 100 (Sunday)
NJ 2020-09-06 Cedar Creek Sporting Clays 12th Annual Big Fall Blast
KS 2020-09-05 Lynbrooke Sporting Clays 2020 Lynbrooke Labor Day 100 (Saturday)
NE 2020-09-05 Otoe County Wildlife Club Labor Day Shoot
TX 2020-09-05 Dripping Springs Shooting Team Hog Heaven September Fun Shoot
IN 2020-09-05 Kosko Shotgun Sports IN State Super Sporting Championship
IA 2020-09-05 Black Oaks Clays LLC Shooter Appreciation Shoot
TX 2020-09-04 Westside Sporting Grounds 2020 Rise School
KS 2020-08-30 Linden Target Sports Amarillo Gun Club 2nd Summer 100
IA 2020-08-30 Highland Hideaway Hunting Summer BBQ Shoot
TX 2020-08-30 Hill Country Shooting Sports Center, Inc. 2020 HOT OPEN
IA 2020-08-29 Anita Sporting Clay Course Paul
NE 2020-08-29 Pheasant Bonanza Hunt Club and Kennel Season Warm Up
TX 2020-08-29 Nueces 4H Trap and Skeet 2020 Nueces County 4-H Whiz Bang Qualifier Aug. 29-30, 2020 (Rescheduled Event)
IA 2020-08-28 New Pioneer Clay Target Center 2020 - CF
2020-08-28 OSP Shooting School OSP Clinic at Lehigh Valley Sporting Clays, Coplay PA
TX 2020-08-28 Montgomery County 4H Shotgun Team NEW DATE to Aug 28th
TX 2020-08-28 Westside Sporting Grounds 2020 SpawGlass Construction
TX 2020-08-28 Ables Sporting Range 5th Annual Ables Cup
TX 2020-08-27 American Shooting Centers Special Events 2020 Super Sporting League
MO 2020-08-23 Little Fox River Sporting Clays LLC Dog Days 200
MI 2020-08-23 Grand Blanc Huntsmans Club NSCA Class Shoot
TX 2020-08-23 Blackwood Gun Club 2020 Hunters Clay Festival
IA 2020-08-23 Crockett Ridge Clays Bikini Shoot
NE 2020-08-22 Heartland Public Shooting Park 2020 MEC Registered Sporting Clays Shoot
MI 2020-08-22 Four Square Sportsmans Association SHOOT CANCELLED
TX 2020-08-22 Westside Sporting Grounds 3- Bird Dove Warm-up
NE 2020-08-22 Lincoln Trap and Skeet Labor day shoot
TN 2020-08-22 Memphis Sport Shooting Assoc Quail Forever 2020 MSSA Shoot
2020-08-22 OSP Shooting School OSP Clinic for Experienced Shooters Houston TX
KS 2020-08-22 Linden Target Sports Garfield, KS American Legion
TN 2020-08-22 Crossville Shooting Sports Park August 2020 NSCA
TX 2020-08-21 American Subcontractors Association ASA
IN 2020-08-21 Terre Haute Sporting Clays Crossroads of America
2020-08-21 OSP Shooting School OSP Clinic at Stonewall Sporting Clays, Roanoke WV
MI 2020-08-16 Kent County Conservation League KCCL August
IA 2020-08-16 MAHASKA COUNTY IKES August Sporting
KS 2020-08-16 Linden Target Sports Amarillo Gun Club Summer 100
Texas 2020-08-16 American Shooting Centers NSSM CHALLENGE
TX 2020-08-15 Frio County 4-H Claybusters Frio County Second Chance Whiz Bang Qualifier
NE 2020-08-15 Goodwill Industries of Greater Nebraska 27th Annual Platte River Charity Shoot
TX 2020-08-15 Hub City Clays The Inside Out Foundation West Texas Shootout
NE 2020-08-15 Oak Creek Sporting Club Summer Heat Shoot
TX 2020-08-15 1 in 100 Gun Club On Fire Targets
TX 2020-08-15 Westside Sporting Grounds 2020 YoungLife Cypress
TX 2020-08-15 Guadalupe County 4-H Shotgun Sports ***CANCELLED*** 2020 Guadalupe County 4H County Shoot
MS 2020-08-14 Turcotte Shooting Range 2020 McIvor Ironman
TX 2020-08-14 Hill Country Shooting Sports Center, Inc. 2020 USAS TRAP PTO
TX 2020-08-14 Hill Country Shooting Sports Center, Inc. 2020 USAS SKEET PTO
IN 2020-08-14 Indian Creek Shooting Center August Fun Shoot
2020-08-14 OSP Shooting School OSP Clinic at Granite Falls Sportsman
TX 2020-08-14 Westside Sporting Grounds 2020 UCTA
TX 2020-08-14 Texas Premier Sporting Arms Ducks Unlimited Clay Shoot