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2017 TX Subgauge Challenge
TX 2018-09-26 Westside Sporting Grounds 2018 MSTRATEGIC PARTNERS
TX 2018-09-25 Greater Houston Gun Club ISA Texas Channel Section Sporting Clay Shoot
TX 2018-09-23 Hill Country Shooting Sports Center, Inc. 2018 Dog Days
TX 2018-09-23 Blackwood Gun Club 2018 Blackwood Fall Clay Championship
TX 2018-09-23 Elm Fork Colette CANCELED
TX 2018-09-22 Madison FFA **** CANCELLED*** Rescheduled for Dec. 15th, 2018 Shoot for CJ
TX 2018-09-22 Huntsville HS Wrestling Club Huntsville HS Wrestling Skeet Shoot Fundraiser
TX 2018-09-22 Texas Premier Sporting Arms 2018 Shoot and Shop
TX 2018-09-22 TexasYESS TXYESS FW Trap and Skeet
MO 2018-09-22 Polecat Creek Shotgun Park 100 Target Super Sporting/ Small Bore Opener
IN 2018-09-22 Indian Creek Shooting Center Delta Waterfowl Fundraiser
TX 2018-09-22 Navarro County 4H 2nd Annual Navarro County Whizbang *SALE RODEO QUALIFER
GA 2018-09-22 Olympia Bend Plantation Southern Thunder series Round 1
NE 2018-09-22 Lincoln Trap and Skeet 100 Target Sporting Clays
TX 2018-09-21 Blackwood Gun Club Mission Northeast Shootout Hunger
GA 2018-09-21 Shooting Grounds at Barnsley Resort Pre Quail Season Fun Shoot
TX 2018-09-21 Westside Sporting Grounds 2018 NOV IMPACT A HERO
IA 2018-09-21 Highland Hideaway Hunting Boy Scouts Sporting 100 Sept. 2018
TX 2018-09-21 Ables Sporting Range Montgomery County Food Bank Shootout
PA 2018-09-20 Maskells Shotgun Academy Houston TX area Clay Shoot Instruction by Mike Maskell
IA 2018-09-20 Highland Hideaway Hunting MBI 100 2018
TX 2018-09-16 American Shooting Centers Special Events Charles Taylor Adjusting
IA 2018-09-16 MAHASKA COUNTY IKES September Sporting Clays
TX 2018-09-15 Brad Kidd Jr Lessons Youth Shooting School ASC
LA 2018-09-15 3D Shooting Center Iron Man #7
TX 2018-09-15 South Texas Shooting Complex "CANCELLED 16 De Septiembre Shoot 2018"
TX 2018-09-15 Dripping Springs FFA Shooting Team Dripping Springs Fall opener
TX 2018-09-15 Ables Sporting Range 2nd Annual 3G Shootout
IA 2018-09-15 Black Oaks Clays LLC Fundraiser shoot for the Pella youth Shooters Club
Tx 2018-09-15 Schreiner Shooting Sports Schreiner Fall Clayfest at Joshua Creek
IA 2018-09-15 Anita Sporting Clay Course Fall Harvest
TX 2018-09-15 Texas Premier Sporting Arms Needville FFA/Friends of Needville Shotgun Team
IN 2018-09-15 Indian Creek Shooting Center CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP
TX 2018-09-15 Pecan Meadow "CANCELED" TSCA Sub Gauge Challenge "Meadow Madness"
TX 2018-09-14 1 in 100 Gun Club Mike Maskell Shooting Instruction
TX 2018-09-14 Westside Sporting Grounds 2018 NACE INTL HOUSTON
TX 2018-09-13 American Shooting Centers Special Events Propeller Club of Houston
TX 2018-09-11 Texas Premier Sporting Arms 2018 5-STAND TOURNAMENT
IA 2018-09-09 New Pioneer Clay Target Center 2018 - September Sporting Clays
Texas 2018-09-09 American Shooting Centers FIOCCHI AND NSSF FIRST SHOT SHOOT
MO 2018-09-08 Geiger Shooting Range Sept 2018
TX 2018-09-08 Blackwood Gun Club FREE Shooting Instruction for Level I Class
IN 2018-09-08 Sugar Creek Sporting Clays NWTF Old Mill Longbeards fundraiser
MI 2018-09-08 Grand Blanc Huntsmans Club September 8th - 100 Sporting Clays - 50 5 Stand
GA 2018-09-07 Shooting Grounds at Barnsley Resort September Shoot
TX 2018-09-07 Westside Sporting Grounds 2018 RISE SCHOOL
IA 2018-09-05 Highland Hideaway Hunting Lin County Co-op shoot
TX 2018-09-05 Westside Sporting Grounds 2018 WILLIAMS UNITED WAY
IA 2018-09-02 Black Oaks Clays LLC Shooter Appreciation Shoot
MI 2018-09-01 Caledonia Sportsmans Club August Shoot
OH 2018-09-01 Cherrybend Pheasant Farm September Club Shoot
NE 2018-09-01 Oak Creek Sporting Club Small Bore Challenge
TX 2018-08-31 American Shooting Centers Special Events Society of Underwater Technology
TX 2018-08-31 SUT-US 2018 Annual Clay Shoot Dove Warmup
TX 2018-08-31 Hill Country Shooting Sports Center, Inc. 2018 USAS Pre-Nationals PTO
TX 2018-08-29 Westside Sporting Grounds 2018 IIAH
TX 2018-08-28 Elm Fork Brad Kidd Lessons at Elm Fork
TX 2018-08-26 Brad Kidd Jr Lessons
TX 2018-08-26 Brad Kidd Jr Lessons
TX 2018-08-26 Rockwall Gun Club RGC 1st Annual Shotter Than Hell
GA 2018-08-26 Olympia Bend Plantation True Pair Sunday
IA 2018-08-26 Highland Hideaway Hunting Small Bore Shoot
IA 2018-08-26 Anita Sporting Clay Course Paul
TX 2018-08-26 Hill Country Shooting Sports Center, Inc. 2018 Hot Open
KS 2018-08-25 Gypsum Valley Sporting Clays twin 100
TX 2018-08-25 Blackwood Gun Club First Shots Shotgun
NE 2018-08-25 Heartland Public Shooting Park MEC Shoot
NE 2018-08-25 Oak Creek Sporting Club Shoot for Hope
GA 2018-08-25 Flint Skeet and Trap Club 2018 Summer Fun Shoot
TX 2018-08-25 Brett Winstanley Shooting Lessons Shooting Instruction by Brett Winstanley - your club or Blackwood
MO 2018-08-25 Polecat Creek Shotgun Park August 5-Stand
2018-08-25 Kruse Interests Ladies Sporting Invitational
TX 2018-08-25 TexasYESS Texas USAYESS Sporting Clays
TX 2018-08-25 Pecan Meadow Sporting Center 4H CFR Annual Sporting Clay Tournament
MI 2018-08-25 Hillsdale College Shooting Sports Center 3rd Annual Hillsdale Charger Classic - Targets Set by Drew Lieske
TX 2018-08-25 American Shooting Centers Special Events Shotgun Academy
TX 2018-08-25 Gaines 4H Trap and Skeet 4TH ANNUAL William Van Zielst Memoral Scholarship Sporting Clays Shoot
IA 2018-08-25 Highland Hideaway Hunting HEROS 100 SHOOT
TX 2018-08-25 Admiral Nimitz Foundation 2018 Battle Buddies Classic
TX 2018-08-24 Waller FFA Parent Booster Club 2018 2nd Annual Clay Shoot-Waller FFA
TX 2018-08-24 Ables Sporting Range ABLE
TX 2018-08-24 Westside Sporting Grounds 2018 UH AADE
TX 2018-08-22 Brad Kidd Jr Lessons Brad Kidd lessons at Greater Houston Gun Club Aug22nd-27th
TX 2018-08-22 Brad Kidd Jr Lessons Brad Kidd lessons at Greater Houston Gun Club Aug22nd-27th
TX 2018-08-22 American Shooting Centers Special Events Fall League
TX 2018-08-20 Brad Kidd Jr Lessons Brad Kidd lessons at Northbrook Sports Club
SD 2018-08-19 Willow Creek Sporting Clays OWS-Pierre and Fort Pierre Youth Trap Fundraiser
NJ 2018-08-19 Cedar Creek Sporting Clays Fiocchi Fun Day
IN 2018-08-18 HCIWLA Sporting Clays 2018 Boy Scout Shoot
TX 2018-08-18 South Texas Shooting Complex SUMMER HEAT SHOOT 2018
MI 2018-08-18 Gun River Skeet and Trap Gun River Sporting Inaugural
TX 2018-08-18 Ellis County Sportsmans Club TSRA Foundation 6th Annual Breaking Clays Fundraiser
TX 2018-08-18 Pecan Meadow Chambers County Annual Clay Shoot
TX 2018-08-18 Joshua Creek Ranch 5th Annual King of the Hills Shoot in Honor and Remembrance of Sid Edwards
IA 2018-08-18 Crockett Ridge Clays Bikini Shoot
NE 2018-08-18 Lincoln Trap and Skeet Fun Shoot for SxS/Pump Guns
NE 2018-08-18 Lincoln Trap and Skeet Fun Shoot for SxS/Pump Guns
IN 2018-08-18 Indian Creek Shooting Center August Fun Shoot
TX 2018-08-18 1 in 100 Gun Club On Fire Targets
TX 2018-08-16 Hill Country Shooting Sports Center, Inc. SCHREINER UNIVERSITY TEAM TRYOUTS
TX 2018-08-13 Brad Kidd Jr Lessons Brad Kidd Lessons at Waukesha Gun Club