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2019 TX Subgauge Challenge
TX 2020-04-04 Blackwood Gun Club Social Distancing Invitational
TN 2020-04-04 Crossville Shooting Sports Park April Registered Shoot
TX 2020-04-04 Defender Outdoors Clay Sports Ranch Jaxon
WA 2020-04-04 Seattle Skeet and Trap Club Shotgun Series Challenge
IN 2020-04-04 Kosko Shotgun Sports April Shoot for Punches
KS 2020-04-04 Lynbrooke Sporting Clays Lynbrooke April 2020 True Pair Challenge
TN 2020-04-04 Memphis Sport Shooting Assoc APRIL 2020
MI 2020-04-04 Island Lake Shooting Range 2020 Great Lakes Sporting Clays Championship - POSTPONED DATE TBD
2020-04-03 OSP Shooting School OSP Clinic at Jefferson Gun Club, Brooks KY
TX 2020-04-03 Montgomery County 4H Shotgun Team POSTPONED to Aug 28th
TX 2020-04-01 Pecan Meadow Spring 5 Stand Night League
IA 2020-03-29 New Pioneer Clay Target Center 2020 - MARCH - CANCELLED
TX 2020-03-29 Blackwood Gun Club 2020 NSCA CANCELLED
MO 2020-03-28 Polecat Creek Shotgun Park 200 Target Shoot
TX 2020-03-28 1 in 100 Gun Club Cancelled - 2020 LIT Shootout
TX 2020-03-28 American Shooting Centers Special Events 2020 MTS
2020-03-28 OSP Shooting School OSP Clinic for Experienced Shooters Houston TX
TX 2020-03-28 District 12 4-H D12 4-H Trap, Skeet and Whiz Bang Shoot
TX 2020-03-28 TexasYESS TexasYESS Skeet Trap Challenge
TX 2020-03-28 Comal 4H Claybusters 10th Annual Comal Claybusters Novice Shoot
GA 2020-03-27 Shooting Grounds at Barnsley Resort March Madness Shoot
TX 2020-03-22 Texas Premier Sporting Arms Last Minute NSCA Tourney -CANCELED
IA 2020-03-22 Black Oaks Clays LLC Spring Thaw - COVID-19 CANCELLED
MI 2020-03-22 Bald Mountain Shooting Range EVENT CANCELLED
NE 2020-03-21 Heartland Public Shooting Park USYESS SPRING LEAGUE 2020 WEEK 3
AL 2020-03-21 Shiloh Clays South Shelby Baptist 1st Annual Shiloh Clays South Shelby Baptist Mission Fundraiser
TX 2020-03-21 Blackwood Gun Club Steve Liberta
2020-03-21 OSP Shooting School OSP Clinic for Novice Shooters Houston TX
NE 2020-03-21 Oak Creek Sporting Club Shamrock Shoot
LA 2020-03-21 3D Shooting Center March Tournament
TX 2020-03-21 1 in 100 Gun Club Cancelled - Spring Classic
TX 2020-03-21 Lonesome Coyote Ranch 9th Annual Wildlife in Focus
TX 2020-03-21 Find The Edge CANCELED - Chambers County Whiz-Bang Qualifier
IN 2020-03-20 Indian Creek Shooting Center Youth fundraiser shoot
2020-03-20 OSP Shooting School OSP Clinic at Midland Shooters Association
MI 2020-03-15 Grand Blanc Huntsmans Club NSCA Class Shoot -Cancelled
Texas 2020-03-15 American Shooting Centers PANCAKE OPEN 2020
IA 2020-03-15 MAHASKA COUNTY IKES March Sporting Clays
OR 2020-03-14 Rogue Valley Sporting Clays WakeUp Shoot
NE 2020-03-14 Heartland Public Shooting Park NE USAYESS Spring 2020 Conference League Week 2
IN 2020-03-14 HCIWLA Sporting Clays March Madness
TX 2020-03-14 South Texas Shooting Complex MARCH MADNESS 2020
TX 2020-03-14 Fayette County 4H Shooting Sporting Club Fayette County 4-H Fun Shoot
TX 2020-03-14 Pecan Meadow Lots O' Luck Classic
MI 2020-03-14 Island Lake Shooting Range NSCA 100 Sporting and 50 5-Stand
MO 2020-03-14 Polecat Creek Shotgun Park Fun Shoot SuperSporting
TX 2020-03-14 Find The Edge @Genes Polaris - Duck Hunt Challenge "2 Man Team" Shriners Fundraiser
TX 2020-03-14 TSRA Foundation - Friends of TAMU Trap and Skeet Friends of Texas Aggie Trap and Skeet Team
TX 2020-03-13 Greater Houston Sports Club Trinity Oaks
GA 2020-03-13 Floyd County Wildlife Association North Georgia Challenge
TX 2020-03-13 Westside Sporting Grounds 2020 Pipeliners Spring
AZ 2020-03-13 USAYESS Western Regional Championships 2020 USAYESS Western Regional Open Junior Clay Target Championship
TX 2020-03-12 Texas Premier Sporting Arms Spring 5-Stand League
TX 2020-03-10 Blackwood Gun Club 2020 Spring 5-Stand
MI 2020-03-08 MultiLakes Conservation Assn Multi-Lakes Registered Shoot - March
TX 2020-03-07 American Shooting Centers Special Events 2020 Geophysical Society Houston
KS 2020-03-07 Lynbrooke Sporting Clays Lynbrooke March 2020 2 Day Shoot
NE 2020-03-07 Heartland Public Shooting Park NE USAYESS Spring 2020 Conference League Week 1
OR 2020-03-07 Siuslaw Sporting Clays 2020 WVCTL #4
NE 2020-03-07 Otoe County Wildlife Club St Patty's Shoot
TX 2020-03-07 Pecan Meadow Anahuac Engineering Design Sporting Clay Fundraiser
TX 2020-03-07 Travis County 4H Shooting Sports 2020 Travis County 4H March Madness
OR 2020-03-07 WAYESS Lower Columbia Challenge
TX 2020-03-07 Texas Premier Sporting Arms Spring Fling NSCA Shoot
TX 2020-03-07 Westside Sporting Grounds 2020 YoungLife Central Urban
TN 2020-03-07 Memphis Sport Shooting Assoc MARCH 2020
TX 2020-03-06 Westside Sporting Grounds 2020 Pathways for Little Feet
TX 2020-03-05 Westside Sporting Grounds 2020 Carl McCain
TX 2020-03-01 Elm Fork Competitive Edge
NJ 2020-03-01 Cedar Creek Sporting Clays March Thaw
TN 2020-02-29 Crossville Shooting Sports Park Feb/Mar Monthly Shoot
TX 2020-02-29 TexasYESS TexasYESS 150 Challenge
TX 2020-02-29 Oak Cliff Lions Club Guns and Money Charity Classic
TX 2020-02-29 Westside Sporting Grounds 2020 NSCA Rodeo Roundup
TX 2020-02-28 Valero Benefit for Children 2020 Top Sponsor
TX 2020-02-28 Valero Benefit for Children 2020 Top Sponsor
TX 2020-02-28 Westside Sporting Grounds 2020 Root Level Technology
TX 2020-02-28 Blackwood Gun Club American Legion Conroe 1st Annual Sporting Clay Shoot
TX 2020-02-28 American Shooting Centers Special Events 2020 Houston Gas Processors
LA 2020-02-28 3D Shooting Center February Tournament
TX 2020-02-28 Greater Houston Sports Club 2020 Young Guns
TX 2020-02-27 Callahan Rifle Club Greenway Fun Shoot
TX 2020-02-26 Blackwood Gun Club 2020 Winter 5-Stand League
TX 2020-02-23 Hill Country Shooting Sports Center, Inc. 2020 Bahama Mamma
TX 2020-02-22 Pecan Meadow MEADOW MADNESS
TX 2020-02-22 Westside Sporting Grounds 2020 Ballard House
GA 2020-02-21 Shooting Grounds at Barnsley Resort Fabulous February Shoot
TX 2020-02-21 American Shooting Centers Special Events 2020 Kruse Classic / CTI