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TX 2023-10-04 Westside Sporting Grounds 2023 TAHFM
TX 2023-10-04 American Shooting Centers Special Events 2023 Houston Transportation Pros
Texas 2023-10-01 Moyesway Shooting Sports 2023 Paralyzed Veterans Association NSCA Nationals Warm-Up
NJ 2023-10-01 Cedar Creek Sporting Clays 14 th annual Pumpkin Fall Blast
TX 2023-09-30 East Bernard 4H EB4HSS - 1st Annual Brahma Blast *SALE Qualifier*
IA 2023-09-30 Highland Hideaway Hunting COE COLLEGE SHOOT 23
Texas 2023-09-30 Moyesway Shooting Sports Texas Attorney General Peace Officer Foundation Sporting Clays Tournament
TX 2023-09-30 Westside Sporting Grounds 2023 ICAN
2023-09-30 Smokey Mountain Classic Fundraiser Smokey Mt Classic - Crossville Shooting Sports Park Crossville Tennessee Tennessee
TX 2023-09-29 iClays Mobile Scoring 2023 Nolen 4 Sheriff
TX 2023-09-29 Westside Sporting Grounds 2023 Williams United Way
IA 2023-09-29 Highland Hideaway Hunting Boy Scouts Sporting Clays 23
TX 2023-09-29 American Shooting Centers Special Events 2023 SIM
IA 2023-09-28 Black Oaks Clays LLC ABC Shoot
TX 2023-09-28 Westside Sporting Grounds 2023 Young Life Central
2023-09-28 OSP Shooting School OSP Clinic at Cross Creek Clays
MS 2023-09-27 Turcotte Shooting Range MSSP Qualifiers
OK 2023-09-27 Oklahoma Youth Expo Shotgun Sports OYE Finals
TX 2023-09-26 Blackwood Sporting Co. 2023 Fall 5-Stand 8-week league Tues
TX 2023-09-24 Hill Country Shooting Sports Center, Inc. 2023 Dog Days
Texas 2023-09-24 Moyesway Shooting Sports Ladies Clays Sporting Clays Clinic & Tournament
NE 2023-09-23 Heartland Public Shooting Park 2023 Fall Hunters Classic
TX 2023-09-23 Madison FFA/ Guadalupe County 4-H 2023 Shoot for CJ *** 4H and FFA Qualifier ***
MI 2023-09-23 Bay County Gun Club Fall Side-by-Side
TX 2023-09-23 TexasYESS Suns Up Guns Up Texas Tech Alumni fundraiser
TX 2023-09-23 Lonesome Coyote Ranch 3rd Annual RHCA Sporting Clay Shoot
MO 2023-09-23 Polecat Creek Shotgun Park Fun 200 100 Report/100 True Pair
TX 2023-09-23 Cornerstone 4H Cornerstone 4-H Shoot (adult sporting clay available) ***SALE QUALIFIER***
2023-09-23 OSP Shooting School OSP Clinic at OSP Field, Houston TX
IA 2023-09-23 Highland Hideaway Hunting 200 TARGET CHALLENGE 2023
Texas 2023-09-23 Moyesway Shooting Sports Heritage OPC Jawbone Fest 2023
IN 2023-09-23 Indian Creek Shooting Center Club Championships
IA 2023-09-23 Black Oaks Clays LLC 200 Target Challenge
TN 2023-09-22 Memphis Sport Shooting Assoc RMHC 2023 Clays for Kids Charity Shoot
TX 2023-09-22 iClays Mobile Scoring Santa Fe TX Education Foundation Clay Shoot
TX 2023-09-22 American Shooting Centers Special Events 2024 FACES
TX 2023-09-22 Westside Sporting Grounds 2023 Frontier Camp
TX 2023-09-22 Navarro County 4H Shotgun Club Navarro County 4-H 7th Annual Whiz-Bang *SALE QUALIFIER*
Texas 2023-09-21 Moyesway Shooting Sports Steak Night - September
KS 2023-09-17 Linden Target Sports Amarillo Gun Club Fall 150
Texas 2023-09-17 Moyesway Shooting Sports Moyesway Coaches Clinic
KS 2023-09-16 K16 Quail Forever 2023 K16 Quail Forever
South Dakota 2023-09-16 James Valley Sporting Clays ANNIVERSARY SHOOT
MS 2023-09-16 Desoto Rifle and Pistol Club AUTUMN EQUINOX
NE 2023-09-16 Oak Creek Sporting Club Small Bore Challege
TX 2023-09-16 TexasYESS TexasYess Sporting /trap 150, Northlake 9/16/23
TX 2023-09-15 Blackwood Sporting Co. 2023 Food Bank Shootout Hunger
TX 2023-09-15 Westside Sporting Grounds 2023 Victory Ahead
Texas 2023-09-14 Moyesway Shooting Sports Texas Elks Homecoming Tournament
TX 2023-09-14 American Shooting Centers Special Events 2023 Fall 5 Stand League
TX 2023-09-14 American Shooting Centers Special Events 2023 Propeller Club
TX 2023-09-14 Westside Sporting Grounds 2023 Dans House of Hope
IA 2023-09-10 Highland Hideaway Hunting Heros Sporting 2023
Texas 2023-09-10 American Shooting Centers 2023 Long Bird / Short Bird
IA 2023-09-09 Black Oaks Clays LLC Lindy Roberts Memorial Shoot
IA 2023-09-09 Highland Hideaway Hunting Coe College invitational
TX 2023-09-09 Lonesome Coyote Ranch 22nd Annual ABC-TCB Clay Shoot
TX 2023-09-09 Westside Sporting Grounds 2023 Westside Members Fun Shoot
2023-09-09 OSP Shooting School OSP Clinic at OSP Field, Houston TX
NE 2023-09-09 Lincoln Trap and Skeet Go Big Red "GBR" Sporting Clays Shoot
Texas 2023-09-09 Friends of Flint at The Good Bull Ranch 9th Annual Friends of Flint Sporting Clay Scholarship
Texas 2023-09-09 Moyesway Shooting Sports Dove are Jerks NSCA Tournament - Saturday Registration
IA 2023-09-08 Highland Hideaway Hunting WCHC 2023
TX 2023-09-08 Westside Sporting Grounds 2023 Rise School
Texas 2023-09-08 Moyesway Shooting Sports Dove are Jerks NSCA Tournament - Friday Registration
TX 2023-09-07 Westside Sporting Grounds 2023Knights of Columbus
2023-09-07 OSP Shooting School OSP Clinic at Milford Hills Hunt Club
NJ 2023-09-03 Cedar Creek Sporting Clays 15 th Annual Big Fall Blast
MI 2023-09-02 Bay County Gun Club Bay County Blast 2023
IA 2023-09-02 Black Oaks Clays LLC Customer Appreciation Shoot
IA 2023-08-31 Highland Hideaway Hunting Iowa Cattlemen 2023
TX 2023-08-31 Westside Sporting Grounds 2023 Cy Fair Educational Foundation
IA 2023-08-27 Highland Hideaway Hunting FAREWELL SUMMER BLAST 23
TX 2023-08-27 iClays Mobile Scoring 2023 ASA Tournament
NE 2023-08-26 Heartland Public Shooting Park 2023 MEC Challenge
KS 2023-08-26 Linden Target Sports Late Summer 400
IA 2023-08-26 Highland Hideaway Hunting WASH. PF 2023
MO 2023-08-26 Polecat Creek Shotgun Park !!CANCELLED!!Fun 200 100 Report/100 True Pair
South Dakota 2023-08-26 James Valley Sporting Clays CLAY BAKE
TN 2023-08-26 Memphis Sport Shooting Assoc Quail Forever 2023 MSSA Shoot
IN 2023-08-26 Sugar Creek Sporting Clays Registered shoot
2023-08-26 OSP Shooting School OSP Clinic at OSP Field, Houston TX
IA 2023-08-26 Anita Sporting Clay Course Paul
TX 2023-08-26 Westside Sporting Grounds 2023 NSCA Margaritaville
TX 2023-08-25 American Subcontractors Association 2023 ASA Sporting Clays Tournament
TX 2023-08-25 Westside Sporting Grounds 2023 AMPP
TX 2023-08-24 Westside Sporting Grounds 2023 A and M Club
2023-08-24 Michell Gohlke Shoots 2023 C.A.S.A. Clay Shoot